We distribute a varies range of poultry supplies including poultry feeds, bedding, cages, incubation, healthcare products, drinkers  feeders and more. Our purpose is to expand our poultry nation wide.

Dynamic Poultry is a supplier of poultry producing solutions and leader in the poultry farm construction. We have the knowledge, the skills, and depth of experience to help you succeed. Whether you’re starting out, expanding, or upgrading, we can help your project. Most poultry producers rely on us and our selection of feeding and watering systems, lighting, heating and ventilation.

We have experienced and innovative engineering team who can select farm location, design the chicken house, install equipment for our customers. We can also provide overall services like product upgrade according to the fact of farm and free technical consultation, etc. With the improvement of living standard in 21st century, the green healthy meat products have become our dietary standard and fashion and the environment protection of farm and poultry equipment in national industrial policy is carried out. In the highly spirit of responsibility to public health, our company develops environment friendly poultry equipment used non polluting surface treatment technology which is the preferred equipment for large farms in domestic at present.

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As a leading broiler battery cages for sale, Livi broiler chicken system distinguishes itself by its easy installation and operation. The material of the system is high quality hot galvanized and also the material of the house floor adjusts automatically to the body of the poultry. With the automatic equipment, rearing periods for the same weight will be shorted for nearly 2 days or increased weight after the standard period.

Nowadays chicken is the one of the most popular food in our daily life, like KFC, Mcdonald’s. Obviously cage is the most popular house for broilers which needs necessary equipment, like feeding, drinking and manure removing and the flexible system like lighting, warming, and ventilation. Only with the scientific